The Frida Project

Frida Kahlo drawers

Why Frida Kahlo?

Here in London at the V&A there was a beautiful exhibition about Frida Kahlo called 'Making Herself Up'. The exhibition featured her clothes, jewellery and excerpts of her life laid out for the public to see. It was a very raw experience seeing another persons life laid out so carefully before the public for them to see and embrace all these very personal details about her which may have never been shared whilst she still lived. It is a strange thing to see so much of a persons soul laid before you and not know that person herself.

In Nightingales Emporium which is my current main outlet of prints, paintings and other artistic projects in London we fell in love with the idea of having a little bit of our own Frida magic in the building and so I took an old set of drawers sanded it down and painted this portrait and animal piece on them to celebrate a little of the life we suddenly see exposed around us.