The art of Charlie Maxwell

The art of Charlie Maxwell

The art of Charlie MaxwellThe art of Charlie Maxwell

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About Me

Who I am


I am an illustrator, animator and writer who creates work using traditional and digital media. In my 2D work I am very flexible on style, backgrounds and character design. If you would like to discuss a project please contact me at or on 075 2682 2095.

My Medium


I work digitally with Photoshop, Illustrator and Procreate. In painted commissions and projects I use watercolour, acrylic, oils, gouache and pen and ink finishes. At university I studied 3D and 2D animation, but have also worked in whiteboard animation, stopmotion and paper cutout animation. 

My Inspiration


Having lived in the UK and South Africa, I take inspiration from the wildlife, flora and folklore I've encountered throughout my life.  I am an avid reader with a wide range of literary interests and influences and enjoy exploring the realms of the fantastic and otherworldly in my work.


Character Animation Reel

Project Work

Any unusal requests or products not listed above are welcome! I want to hear your ideas

Blogs and more

If you would like to know more please visit my blog

During my final year of university I kept this blog to track my audiences responses and market research while I created a pitch package for a short form webseries title 'Urban Myths'. For my final hand in I presented scripts, concept art, and a pilot animatic to show the marketable potential of the work and show how all the the skills I'd learnt whilst studying animation could be applied in a real life situation creating the project.

If you are interested in talking to me about my experiences or are a  student trying to understand how you can best create a rounded portfolio for applications to universities or jobs please contact me at and I'll offer you any advice I can. If you are London based I also offer short tutoring sessions on painting and drawing for fine art and illustration, as well as teaching the basics of animation in both 2D and 3D.

Three wise mice: brewing a potion

Three wise mice: brewing a potion